• Perfume Extracts for Urban Nomads


At first it was a simple question François Hénin made to the perfumer Vanina Muracciole : “Can I smell the musks ?” Some people can intensely smell them, whereas other have, at best, a poor perception. Musks offer a wide range of scents : powdery, woody, powerful, animal…

Based on this observation, Vanina created the “Enigmatic Musks” accord, a true musks cocktail, to explore every facets of this unique ingredient and five powerful extracts, radically musky.

The Collection


This mysterious base that mixes musks and spices is the origin of the whole collection.


Tuberose in its most sensual and carnal expression.


A Chypré creation as you’ve never smelt before.


“Evening” in Esperanto. his resolutely masculine extract is dedicated to dandyish urban night.


When the ‘’devilish’’ patchouli meets the pheromonal grey amber…


Vanilla is recognized in the world as an irresistible enticement to be devoured.


The famous “Rose-Oud” accord exalted by our cocktail of enigmatic musks.


“Amber” in Esperanto. He embodies the modernity, the daring and the sensuality.


The subtle, both delicate and opulent perfume will move you deeply and is worn like a provocation.


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