• Perfume extracts for urban nomads


At first it was a simple question François Hénin made to the perfumer Vanina Muracciole : “Can I smell the musks ?” Some people can intensely smell them, whereas other have, at best, a poor perception. Musks offer a wide range of scents : powdery, woody, powerful, animal…

What is the sensation you expect to distinguish ?

Vanina elaborates for Jeroboam Paris the ” Muscs énigmatiques ” accord, a real cocktail of musks, to explore each facet of it and gives us 5 singularly musky extracts.


A mysterious base that mixes musks and spices at the origin of the collection.


Tuberose in its most sensual and carnal expression.


A Chypré creation as you’ve never smelt before.


An avant-garde extract. A modern opulence and a powerful trail.


When the sulphurous patchouli meets the very pheromonal ambergris…


Vanilla is recognized in the world as an irresistible enticement to be devoured.


The famous “Rose-Oud” accord exalted by our cocktail of enigmatic musks.


A modern amber woody extract, complex, refined but above all very sensual.


An almost intimidating purity, like a look that pierces you


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